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"CGBC 2000"

New Name for the
New Millennium

Christian Global
Broadcasting Center

Jabez is remembered for his ambitious prayer which found favor with God. (I Chronicles 4:9,10). He was set apart from his contemporaries by his request that God would extend his boundaries, thereby also asking God to equip him for larger responsibilities. God granted his request and gives us his example to follow in daring to ask big things from God.

Our Lord has indeed blessed us and extended our ministry horizon with some high end professional servers acquired from a bankrupted Japanese Bank last year.

New vision

- reaching beyond the un-churched Chinese people to the end of the world by using new and emerging technologies.

Please visit the new sites:

Also pray for the launching of e-radio and e-sermon sites later this year.

Garment Factory
Outreach Ministry
(Susan Chu and Christine Radcliff)

Regular classes resumed in March for young mothers at Grace Alliance Church, Brooklyn. The Church now provides financial assistance to Christine. We continue to visit the garment factory in Brooklyn every Saturday around lunch time. The workers are very busy coping with rush orders for this season. At times, we were very discouraged by their tired responses and occasional teasing, yet the Lord answered prayers.

One Saturday in March, after we sang the chorus of "God so loved the world," Christine explained the meaning of each verse slowly to make sure they had understood the Gospel message. When she finished, one new worker dropped everything and wanted to accept Jesus into her heart. We were taken by surprise. It was truly the work of the Holy Spirit.

Our urgent need remains to provide spiritual nurture to the four new believers. Seven of them have asked for Bibles and some have begun to read on their own. Pray that God will provide the means for them to continue to grow in the Lord for they still work on Sundays. The best time to have Bible Study with them may be during the lunch hour on Tuesday or Wednesday. We need more teachers to reach more factories.

Audio Production team
New York City

Jasmine graduated from Audio Engineering Training in May. She shares: "I am grateful that the Lord has brought me here and through the love and patience of my coworkers and our daily devotion time, I have learnt many spiritual lessons. With a trembling heart, I shall be in charge of the new development in broadcasting on the web. I need to recruit and build the team for encoding programs and prepare for the launching of e-radio and e-sermon sites this coming fall."

Ng, Kwok Fai echoes: "Coming to CGBC every week as a student intern, I have learnt not only about audio engineering and recording, but have also experienced God's faithfulness. I always shared the spiritual lessons with my church fellowship. Pray for my summer school schedule. I intend to work more hours in CGBC to learn how to design web pages and also to assist Jasmine in Web casting.

Dallas Radio Team

Echo is grateful that Jackie can host the radio program from April onward. This will allow Echo to concentrate on her music ministry. The team continues to share brother Paul Nelson's studio in Carrollton, Texas. Jenny and Vicky have been failthful helpers in recording and editing. They look forward to a summer training seminar and also to have more workers join with them. They supply five half-hour radio programs weekly, for the local radio broadcasting in Dallas. Most of the programs can also be used by other cities. Pray for the renewal of the Dallas studio lease and new funding for the radio broadcast ministry.

Mission News

CCCOWE Pan America Conference in L.A. provided a wonderful opportunity for our mission director to meet church representatives from Central and South American countries. Though we have been praying for the missionaries and tape users in this part of the world, this was the first time we could hear their reports first hand. Rev. Stephen Leung, a
CGBC Board member in the 80's before he relocated to Costa Rica, reported that gambling has caused grief and pain to many Chinese families. Basically most are restaurant workers or grocery store owners who work very long hours. In recent years there has been a great increase of Mainland Chinese labor workers. Everywhere is in need of more workers. Panama and Brazil already have Bible training for local workers. In other places they still need short term mission teams to help in outreach and discipleship training.


"I am writing to say how great your tapes have been. I am Pastor for the English- speaking group within a Vietnamese Church in Vancouver, Canada.

During this past year we had a young man who accepted the Lord who couldn't read English but could understand Vietnamese and Cantonese. I was visiting in New York and was given a set of tapes. I gave him the color-coded tapes and he was so thrilled."

Prayer Requests

Most young people are going online. The internet will draw them closer to their peers in North America. Many Chinese parents would like to send their children to North America for higher education and professional training. They all want to improve their English. Internet or cyber outreach to the second generation will be a new mission frontier.

"He will fulfill the desire of them that fear Him" (Psalm 145:19). He knows the desire of our hearts especially with the staff's five months pay arrears.

Recruitment of New Staff

Yea-huei Chen completed her 4th year term with CGBC in March and is now busy preparing to relocate to Los Angeles to attend seminary in the fall. We also need a local missions coordinator and more volunteers in the production department. A Cantonese-speaking production assistant is urgently needed for editing the cassette and radio programs.

"How are we to get the beautiful combination of willing, skillful [people] for the work of God? They are promised to our loyal Master. They must be sought from him. They must be claimed by faith and prayer, as Christ Himself directed His disciples to pray to the Lord of the harvest to thrust forth laborers into His own harvest."

(J. Hudson Taylor, God's Fellow Workers)