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2004 第一期


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. Nehemiah─A Leader after God's Own Heart
. Local Ministry
CGBC Newsletter (Chinese Version)
Thanksgiving & Prayer



Serving the Lord is following our heavenly Father that loves us. Doing what He wants us to do, saying what He wants us to say and going where He wants us to go. Serving the Lord is following Him and daily feed on His words. In His love and words, we grow, until that day when we see Him again. Pray that, we can be His children with obedient hearts. Pray that God will prepare fellow workers who have a burden for missions in broadcasting.


Thanks be to our Lord! Over time, He has used brothers and sisters from "Living Water" and "Carmel" fellowship to help mail our newsletter. In the new year, no matter how busy my work or serving gets, pray that God will give US wisdom for a balanced life in family, work and serving.

New York

  • Please pray for 2004's program production in terms of content research, recording, editing and the production team. Pray that God will use these programs as piercing arrows, penetrating the hearts of men.
  • The end of January is the beginning of a new semester for our student interns. Their prayer is that they will grow spiritually and improve academically this year.
  • Pray for Eileen and Hector in Asia.

Nehemiah ─ A Leader after God's Own Heart


Over the years, God has truly shown me the transforming power of His words. The Study of Nehemiah by Pastor Chuang not only helped me gain a deeper understanding of Nehemiah but also illuminated deficiencies within my own spiritual life. In addition to the detailed explanations of Nehemiah's character, the study also challenged me by applying these spiritual principles to my own life.

In Nehemiah 1:3, we see Nehemiah's concern for Jerusalem. Hearing "the wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates are burned with fire," he "sat down and wept, and mourned for many days; he was fasting and praying before the God of heaven." What is our reaction when we hear of problems within our church? I become discouraged. I tell myself the problems are insurmountable, I can't do anything, or someone else can deal with them better. Sometimes I also think I have enough problems; I don't have time for more. Nehemiah was different. He didn't just mourn for the condition of Jerusalem, he asked God to use him to rebuild it. He willingly gave up his comfortable life to lead the Israelites back to their God. Because he was certain of God's power and grace, he trusted God to complete the work. That is why he prayed for God to use him in His work despite the difficulties ahead.

Recently I heard it said that only a mature child would bear the burden of his parents rather than make more demands. Yet as a child of God, I often don't want to share the burden of my Heavenly Father. Instead, I ask Him to bless me in what I want to do. After listening to this program, it challenged me to put God's will first in my life.

In addition, I find that I am often discouraged by my own limitations. However, from Nehemiah, I learned that it is God who accomplishes. Though Nehemiah was very capable himself, he always entrusted everything to God in prayer first and rested on God's mighty power. In return, God steadfastly fulfilled His own will. I was also inspired by Nehemiah's attitude in handling internal conflicts. Not only did he have courage to confront those who disobeyed God's word, he also had wisdom to resolve a critical issue among the Israelites. The study reminds us that we often run away from internal conflicts, choosing to appease people rather than take a stand. This does not solve problems; instead, it leads to compromises with sin. Nehemiah, well grounded in God's Word, bravely dealt with the issue. He corrected those who disobeyed by telling them God's law and also led by example. Throughout he emphasized love rather than authority in rebuking others. The second challenge I received is to take a stand for the truth without compromise. What our society accepts as normal behavior is often unpleasing to God. If such actions are allowed to continue inside our churches, unchallenged, their potential damage is unimaginable. I thank God for His reminders and encouragement through the study of Nehemiah and trust that through Him I can do all things. I hope you will be similarly challenged and will want to learn more from this study.

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Local Ministry Report


Chinatown ---Every September's Chinatown Gospel Fair is a golden opportunity for us to share the Gospel with new immigrants. We use tracts and cassettes to outreach to the Chinese community here, especially those from Fu Zhou. Now many parents send their young children back to China to be taken care of by their grandparents, we produced some family programs targeting these issues, in Mandarin, Cantonese and Fuzhounese. They are truly beneficial for young parents who face this dilemma.

God's Word On the Go --- An out of state friend was delighted to find CGBC's "The Light of Life" bible study series on line. He wanted to listen to more, but was away from home a lot due to his work. He then contacted us to mail him all the cassettes, so he can listen to God's word any time, anywhere. He told us they really help in his spiritual growth. Praise God!

Miracles on Lower East Side --- Recently we have been visiting some senior homes in Lower Manhattan, sharing the gospel with the Chinese seniors. Many of these seniors have their own home care attendants. After several visits, an elderly lady and a home care attendant professed their willingness to accept Christ. Praise God! Now the home care attendant is attending church regularly and growing in her faith.

Cassette Library --- Listeners frequent CGBC's library. A friend, who is unclear of Christian beliefs, has found the "Basic Doctrine" series very helpful and continues to listen in his search for the Truth.

"Win! Win! Win" --- A brother often uses tracts to evangelize to non-believers, even on buses going to Casinos. While the buses are waiting to depart, he gets on and passes out tracts to the gamblers. He says many love to read the "Win! Win! Win" tract. Pray that God will use this tract to change the hearts of those addicted to gambling and turn their lives back to Him.

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