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2004 第二期


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. Message from Director
CGBC Newsletter (Chinese Version)
Thanksgiving and Prayer



Thank God for Johan who can continue to work with Andrina. Continue to pray for those who listen to our daily programs via Chinese Radio Network. Praise the Lord for Andrina ' s weekly production of two programs, for the prayer support behind her, and for her family's relocation in LA. Pray for her smooth transition, as she will continue her commitment to radio program production.


Sio-fong and Wai-ling were able to join Dwight and Hiao-liang at the mission conference 2004 of the Chinese Christian Church of Greater Washington D.C. Sio-fong gave a report and also shared her testimony. Thank God for Carmel Fellowship in sharing the bulk mailing work.

New York

  • Alan and Cody will be working with Hector in Hong Kong to set up the network and server system to expand CGBC ' s online broadcast. Pray for their health and adjustment to the hot and humid weather.
  • Pray for Christine, who will attend summer school until end of June, t hen she will travel to Hong Kong for summer holiday .
  • Susan will fly to Hong Kong on June 23. Pray for confirmation of the Lord ' s leading her there. Most of the garment factories have left Manhattan, and CGBC's primary mission focus is shifting to Asia.
  • Pray for Sio-fong and June, who need help encoding many programs for broadcast online.
  • Continue to pray for Julia. We thank God for her father ' s miraculous recovery from sudden illness.
  • Pray that the recording of Rev. Chuang ' s morning devotion program will continue. Praise God for the response from listeners. Many have been blessed by his clarity in the exposition of God ' s Word. Ask God to bless His servant abundantly.
  • Thank the Lord for Rev. John Chao ' s recording contribution to the e-Book series and for his ministry to the visually impaired. Give thanks also for permission from Rev. Wing So and his publisher to use his new books.

Hong Kong

January 21 st ─ A phone call with a generous offer from a couple who had learnt that we were operating a home office in Hong Kong.

February 25 th ─ Two office units were vacated in a commercial building at a very convenient location – the central district of Hong Kong Island. We had the opportunity to take an offer.

March 20 th ─ O ur application to MMM, a mission organization with headquarters in Australia, was approved. Volunteers from MMM would build the studio and complete the interior design. CGBC was to supply all the required materials.

April 13 th ─ CGBC reinstated our registration as a non-profit organization in Hong Kong was approved.

April 20 th ─ the first gift of US$1000 toward the cost of the construction was received from a long time ministry partner in Hong Kong.

April 29 th — The property owner granted a five-year lease with 5 months' free rent to allow us to raise funds.

May 3 rd T he first check from a foundation we had applied to arrive to enable us to sign the lease.

May 7 th ─ A surprise gift came with a touching testimony. The Lord had stirred the giver in the middle of the night after she had learn t about CGBC from just twenty minutes' sharing. The gift was a sacrificial one. To us the significance was the timing of a gift that could cover the construction costs and the obedience of the giver. Please pray for the supply of $10,000 in June for equipment.

“He shepherds [us] according to the integrity of His heart and guides [us] by the skillfulness of His hands.“ ~ Ps.78: 72


Message from Director


My original plan to return to New York in February has been postponed twice due to the Lord's desire to surprise us with the events leading to the construction of a new recording studio in Hong Kong. The Lord knows what He has planned for Asia in the years to come.

Good news for sharing the Good News!

According to an April 2004 news report, by July, 150 million Mainland Chinese from 32 cities will be allowed to visit Hong Kong without being required to join tour groups as before. It is Beijing's latest gift to Hong Kong to boost her economy. Though some political analysts see it as an attempt to temper Hong Kong people's aspirations for full democracy, to us, harvest time is here! More and more mainlanders speaking in different dialects will be physically present in Hong Kong.

Resources from CGBC meeting the needs of those hosting frequent visitors

These tourists are free to visit friends, stay with relatives, and even attend courses or join Christian activities. “My mother ' s relatives are staying with us for a week. They are interested in knowing why we believe in Jesus. Some Christian books or CDs would be wonderful gifts for them since they are so open to the Truth, and any materials for follow up will be a great help. ”

CGBC Internet broadcast feeds the souls of frequent flier businessmen

Many Christian brothers in Hong Kong travel to the Mainland regularly. They spend more time on the road with their mobile phones and laptop computers than with their families. They cannot attend fellowship or even worship services.

CGBC e-Sermons and e-Theology build believers' faith and supply hungry workers

After a Sunday service in Hong Kong, I met a professor from Beijing University. This was her third trip to Hong Kong for research studies. Her Hong Kong Christian friends had led her to Christ. Still a Communist Party member, she went online everyday for discipleship. “ I get my answers and spiritual help through the Internet." Another sister, a missionary to Thailand, met with me for fellowship, she was delighted to have our e-Theology CD before returning to her mission field.

Hong Kong is a gateway to the least Evangelized regions

According to a Hong Kong Mission Organization report, Hong Kong has around 600 mission-minded churches and 300,000 born again Christians. It is also a hub for international mission organizations. They and local churches have already sent out nearly 300 missionaries-- -- some to third world countries, some to the Moslem world. One of our goals is to produce and provide media materials for field workers and church planters.

CGBC is a melting pot for learning, training and serving!

A growing number of young graduates want to work in Asia, especially in China, and a large pool of early retirees in Hong Kong with sound financial and professional backgrounds may align themselves with our vision and mission. CGBC provides opportunities for students, seminarians, and volunteers of all ages as long as they walk in obedience to Jesus' teachings. In connection with our network in Europe and North America, we seek to work with the e- G eneration and the baby boomers to bridge the East and the West in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Written by Eileen Liu, Executive Director of CGBC

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