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November 2000

Everyday at CGBC we give thanks for the many blessings and opportunities to work with our Lord. This month of Thanksgiving, however, is a good time for us to give you an account of God's wonderful work for the past year.

Brooklyn Mission Project
Susan has been visiting the garment factory on 8th Avenue every week, except during the summer months when her partner Christine Radcliff went to China for a short-term mission. They have built wonderful relationship with the workers. Some of them are hungry for His Word and Susan is broadcasting tapes of the gospel of Mark with good reception. Christine has continued her commitment this fall and has brought with her two classmates. Just imagine! On a Saturday, in the midst of piles and piles of unfinished garments, with three American non-Chinese speaking, ESL students performed a skit to stimulate the Chinese workers to learn English. The workers response to God's love has been an encouragement to us. Several of them are ready for serious Bible study. Pray for their proposed study of the Old Testament with the help of our cassette series, "Firm Foundation" commencing next Spring.

Chinatown Evangelism
Located in the heart of Chinatown under the leadership of Juanita Butt, we opened our center for volunteers to come for street evangelism every other week. People have been drawn to receive the bright red tracts we produced for this purpose. On one occasion, they and their worship team's singing captivated the heart of the crowd. They were able to give out 3000 tracts within two hours. Some viewers even walked across the street to get a tract.

The annual September Street Fair, a joint evangel-istic outreach sponsored by local Chinese churches, was blessed by good weather and a high turn out. People streamed to the booths and many children participated in the games, while we had the chance to share the gospel with the adults. Susan was overwhelmed by the spiritual hunger of the people. One new immigrant from Fuzhou accepted Chris文字方塊:  t after Susan explained the gospel to him. Please continue to pray for the Christian witness among Chinese in New York City, a dark and very much oppressed community.


Gospel Tract Publication and Distribution
The present 13 sets of tract in bright red color that accom-panied by a cassette program for each content can be read and ordered online. Pray for our 2001campaign, that every-one can be a missionary and every home can be reached by a gospel tract. We ask the Lord to prepare local churches to help in the distribution.

Dialect Tapes and Short-term Missions
Reports from our co-worker Rita Wong in Canada and others about the distressing realities of many Chinese contract labor workers in Israel and other cities have brought unspeakable pain and grief in our hearts. Yet, praise the Lord, many disillusioned workers have found comfort in Jesus. Pray earnestly for these mission opportunities and ask the Lord of harvest for more workers. We need sponsors so that many tapes and tape recorders can be provided for short-term mission trips.

Summer Student Interns
We had a good summer with the students working on the Internet project. Please remember that our recruits are students from the city colleges and they need financial support. Our goal is to set up a Net Foundation to provide funds for student participation in building a cyber city. They would develop with online broadcast and a library of resources for evangelism and discipleship training.

Radio Broadcast
Praise the Lord for the team in Dallas and New York that have been broadcasting programs in Mandarin through a local radio network, as well as online It is our goal to eventually develop programs in audio magazine format focusing on the needs of modern Chinese families worldwide.

Paperless Office and Global Mission
Modern technologies have enabled the expansion of our ministry within the 1200 sq.ft. office in Chinatown rather than relocating to New Jersey. We shall continue our networking and partnership with local churches and mission agencies to develop the Internet broadcast and resource library. Please Pray for our December-January trip to Asia and the formation of an International Board of Directors to meet the new challenge of CGBC (now renamed as Christian Global Broadcast Center) in the new decade.

21st Anniversary Celebration
Every first Saturday in December, we come together in New York to rededicate ourselves to the Lord and ask for wisdom and strength to meet the challenges of the year ahead. Please join us on Saturday, December 2nd. Together we will look to the Lord to supply all our needs. We will dedicate ourselves to His call unreservedly, continuing to walk by faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. May the indwelling of Christ empower us to move mountains and stand firm in times of adversity.