December 1, 2004 

Dear Friend of CGBC,

Peace and grace to you from our dear Savior!

Praise to God for a great Thanksgiving and 25th Anniversary celebration on November 20 in our new Hong Kong Center. Rev. Hay Him Chan, our honored guest speaker, brought us to see the great multitude who had followed Jesus for days and were hungry. He said the little boy with five loaves and two fish would never forget the miracle he saw on that day. “What an awesome sight he witnessed. How could this be? So little food to feed so big a crowd!!” We serve a Great and Mighty God! He can take so little to satisfy ALL our needs! Rev. Chan challenged us: “Look around, see the multitude, see the hungry faces…..Give what we have and the miracle will unfold before us. The excitement that the little boy experienced would have been told in his household for generations.”

I have so many exciting stories to share with you too.

Just a month ago, a sister came to our Hong Kong office and shared her story about God’s amazing grace in her life. She had a request for us. She needed materials to disciple workers in their manufacturing compound over the Hong Kong border in South China. Out of the two thousands rural workers working for them, nearly a hundred have come to accept Christ. She felt overwhelmed and burdened for their spiritual growth. Someone told her to approach us for customized audio materials to meet her urgent need. She is one of the many who have touched our hearts this year and burdened the CGBC team to press on giving despite “the little we have in our basket.”

Another typical request is from a new believer I met in Athens. He passed a message through someone for me to call him back even I have left Athens for two months. He asked for help to know more about the Bible. “My fellow workers in the shop think that I have gone crazy because I love reading the Bible. They think that I have been bewitched by the American devil who came to share Jesus with me during the Olympic Games. But I know the gospel is my only hope and the answer to life. My family spent 20,000 RMB a year ago to get me and my younger brother to fly to Dubai and then to take a highly risky journey in the luggage compartment of a tourist coach to Athens via Iran and Turkey. My brother moved onto Paris but was deported back to China. He died in the cell before my mother was able to get to Beijing from our hometown in the remote Northeast of China. I might have committed suicide because my heart was so broken. What a life I have here, as a refugee and a slave, working 10-14 hours a day! Just because the American pastor and now you have come along, I have heard about Jesus and His love for me.”

I met this friend one Sunday morning while I was in Athens. He came into a Greek Protestant Church with English translation. He sat next to me but kept fixing his headset. That brought my attention to him. He could not understand Greek or English. I took my pen and wrote the whole sermon in Chinese for him. The glow in his face as he read the message I will never forget!

As I traveled from Beijing to Vancouver, from New York to Europe and down to Ecuador this year----everywhere I went I could hear the cry for spiritual nurture. I can see as Rev. Chan charged----there is such a hungry multitude out there!

Jesus is very much alive today. He can work in His Way and by His Power. He can satisfy my, yours, and their needs. Let us come in meekness, lowly in heart, to worship this King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He was born in the manger to set us free----free from self-centeredness and self-absorption. Thank God that we are free to count the concerns of others more important than our own. (Phil.2:3b)

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayers and much-needed financial support for the work of CGBC. I deeply appreciate your love for our co-workers and my family too. Wishing you a very special Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Yours sister in Christ,


Eileen Liu, Executive Director

with CGBC co-workers.