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.New Year, New Blessings!
.Spiritual Gourmet Meals
.Be Good Stewards

New Program Release: Time With Teacher Lee -- Depression(audio)

CGBC Newsletter (Chinese Version)
  • Thanks to God that Dr. Su could still work on her program even when she had a serious flu. She welcomes listeners' questions about their faith in relation to the 911 incident. You may send your question to [email protected]. Please pray for her health.
  • Thanks to God for using the telephone broadcast in Australia. Some listeners accepted Christ and some become seekers. There is a great need for Cantonese programs in Australia. Please pray for the health of the co-workers.
  • Some Dallas staff members are sick. May God strengthen them both physically and spiritually so that they can enjoy serving the Lord.
  • The interns in the NY office are busy with their college work. Pray that God will teach them to use their time wisely to maintain a balance in their lives and service for the Lord.
  • It is God's grace for CGBC that sister Lania Yu volunteers to work in the publishing department. Pray for her service here.
  • Thank the Lord that CGBC-Canada's website has been launched already. It has been online since February:

New Year, New Blessings!



This is the year of the horse. Many Chinese New Year greetings express celebration and good wishes for success, happiness, and good luck in the New Year. In Christ, we can be joyfully assured of more than just good wishes. We have the LORD's grace and blessing. In Christ, we thank God for what He will be doing for us, in us and through us in the coming year. We are certain that He has many wonderful surprises in store for all who fear Him and seek to serve Him faithfully.

Have you read, "Run with the Horses" by Eugene H. Peterson (Intervarsity Press), an inspiring translation of the message from the book of Jeremiah? We need this kind of encouragement today. Let us begin another year with the same conviction and determination that He who called Jeremiah also calls us to live at our best, to pursue righteousness, and to sustain a drive towards excellence. How can we keep ourselves from failing or quitting in the face of hardship, opposition, rejection or ridicule? How can we be sure that we will have adequate strength to fulfill what the Lord has called us to be?

You may have read the New York Times best seller of 2001: The Prayer of Jabez. The Lord was delighted in Jabez's prayer and granted his request for blessing. If Jabez could cry out to the Lord, so can we! And the Lord will answer.

Indeed Lord, Bless Us

Our daily prayer for 2002 is that at least one million Chinese families will hear the gospel broadcast. We urge you to join us in boldly asking for His blessing so that through our lives, at home and at work, His name will be heard and others blessed. There are over 37 billion out of 52 billion people in the world who have not heard the name of Jesus. Out of those unbelievers, two third live in Asia. A majority of these people are in China and can understand the Mandarin broadcast.

We specifically ask for at least 1000 supporters of $120 per year to sponsor the production of our "Light of Life" audio magazine (a monthly collection of an assortment of our radio programs for those who cannot read well). Masters of the CD will be sent to our ministry partners outside this country for distribution.

Extend Our Service

We ask God to extend our service. We turn to Him not only for more program production, radio stations and higher ratings, but also more importantly for manpower: more committed brothers and sisters to come forth and share the blessing.

We thank God for modern communication technology, because through it we can overcome many physical barriers. Sermons can be instantly listened to, even from thousand miles across the ocean. Many new opportunities have arisen despite last year's tragedies and the cries of war. Man's extremity is God's opportunity. He can supply all our needs; however, he cannot supply OUR commitment.

Our prayer is for more willing people to come with their weaknesses to witness the amazing transforming power of our Almighty God. He is delighted to use ordinary people to accomplish His plan. Are you willing? We need YOU! Do not consider what you can do. What we need is your desire to fulfill His call and your passion to love Him.

Be With Us Always

How important! We thank God for what we learned from our first production way back in 1979. After hours of struggle in the attempt to make a perfect recording without editing, we discovered the accent of the broadcaster was a bit too unbearable. The embarrassment was immediately reversed by an unexpected request. "Let me try again. Please sustain me by your continuous prayer to eliminate the accent." Indeed, God worked a miracle! When the team resumed recording in the downstairs dining room, a mother with her three year old and five year old daughters prayed. Unbelievable! God gave the mother the wisdom to lead a game of intercession with the little girls. They took turns calling upon His name for His help so that the broadcaster could overcome her shortcomings. The presence of the Lord was so amazing; and, thus, this started the rule of simultaneous prayer that has been set for any recording here at CGBC.

Nothing is too hard for God. We only need to ask! Ask and it shall be given! We asked that His presence be with us and with the listeners. It is His touch that transforms lives and glorifies Him-this is our ultimate request.

Save Us from Defeat

We know we tread on enemy ground. The roaring lions can be heard loud and clear while we fight on the offensive. Lord, grant us unity and understanding. It is in stillness and meekness that we can meet program deadlines in the cities and cope with the constant requests for more production to supply our coworkers in Australia for the dial-a-message telephone broadcast: 365 messages in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Lord save us from falling behind or even quitting due to fatigue. In spite of shortages at times in terms of manpower and resources, we look unto you, our ultimate provider.

By thy grace, may you see us faithful, fighting the good fight, and finishing the race. And like Jeremiah

May We Run with the Horse

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Spiritual Gourmet Meals

In five consecutive days, from Dec. 26 to 30, the CGBC New York staff, together with Brother Dwight, a staff member from Maryland, attended the Chinese Mission Conference 2001 in Philadelphia for the first time. This conference is held every three years. I felt greatly blessed that in these few days we were bestowed with grace from above.

Through the messages from different speakers, Christians were called to take action to join global mission teams. We were especially challenged by the cross-cultural mission work. Many missionaries are willing to go to underdeveloped villages and learn the native languages, in spite of the adverse living conditions. Their goal is to be faithful to Christ-to preach His gospel to the residents there. On the other hand, I realize that although I have not been sent for cross-cultural missions, I can pray for the missionaries, preach the Gospel to my coworkers in whatever position God puts me in, and witness for the Lord in my daily living. When we pray for missions, we ask that the Holy Spirit will lead people to repent and believe in Jesus because " comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." ~Romans 10:17

There are more than nine million visually impaired people in Asia and the majority of them have never heard the Gospel. Most of the Chinese in our community are non-believers. Therefore preaching the Gospel to them is one of the main missions of CGBC. Since the beginning of the year 2002, CGBC has produced an audio magazine called "The Light of Life" to reach the unclaimed people. This magazine consists of 12 CDs a year (one a month). On them we have prepared gourmet meals for you, such as interviews of real people. In "There Is Love At My Home," the main interviewee is Brother Joshua Chen, who has been blind since he was nine year old. Dr. Esther Su answers listeners' questions concerning marriage, parenting, and faith in her program entitled "Sister Su's Mailbox." The messages of "911 Spiritual Awaking ll" is given by Pastor Chuang and "Hymns Appreciation" is given by our co-worker Andrina.

We hope that brothers and sisters will use this audio magazine to taste the spiritual food themselves as well as share it with their neighbors, friends, schoolmates and coworkers May the Lord urge us to spread His Gospel wherever we are.

~Susan, New York




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Be Good Stewards


It has been a year since we were sent by our church to work for CGBC. In this time, we have been kept safe physically and strengthened spiritually. There was peace in us in spite of the heavy workload. We duplicated tapes from various speakers and delivered the tapes to brothers and sisters. We were greatly encouraged and thankful to God to see their thirst for the truth and their willingness to follow the teaching of the Bible in bringing up their children and making friends. This was the work of the Holy Spirit.

In the beginning of this year, God called us to be faithful to Him. Although two of our staff members left D.C., we strongly believe that God will give us His hand when we need His help. Let us hold on to the promise of God and pray for each other, so that we can be good stewards.

~Yen's Family, Maryland


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