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March 2001

Gospel Broadcasting 2001

CGBC believes: God's word is reliable and credible. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. How then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? God's word will not be in vain.

As technology advances, Gospel broadcasting programs can be transmitted via the radio, CD, cassette tapes or Internet. At present, CGBC conducts three ministries simultaneously:

  • Regional Chinese Radio Network (CRN) broadcasting.

  • Internet Broadcasting via and

  • Cassette Tapes Ministry for Garment Factories and Short Term missions.


Currently CGBC leases the weekly airtime from CRN radio to broadcast during noontime. The current broadcast is limited to half an hour for Dallas, Texas, and 15 minutes each for New York and New Jersey. This ministry can reach out to those who do not attend church. They are housewives, the elderly or those who work in the markets, restaurants and garment factories. The all-day Chinese radio broadcast is their point of contact to the outside world. This commercial radio station also broadcasts Buddhist programs and Witness Lee programs.

During the past five years, God has led several housewives from different Chinese churches to produce Gospel music programs. In addition, Dr. William Ho, Dr. Esther Su, Dr. Jun Zhang, and Dr. Jeffery Lee have been our special speakers. The series of programs produced by the above volunteers have been recorded on cassette tapes to be broadcasted through the radio stations in Australia, along with both Central and South America.

Please pray for the new series, "Time with Teacher Lee" starting in May. Dr. Lee is a professor in Theology and a graduate from Western Minister Seminary. Her specialty is counseling and she is experienced in discipleship training. She takes time to record programs in spite of her busy schedule. She uses examples from daily lives to illustrate biblical principles. Men's wisdom cannot solve people's problems, only Truth can set them free. Only Jesus can set the bondage free, let the blind see, and free the oppressed.




Since December 2000, CBC has been able to broadcast through Bible Broadcasting Network. According to Mrs. Lee, thousands of people listen and inquire about our programs by e-mail and telephone. We are excited about this. Our pro-gram reaches overseas Chinese, especially to those who are in the mission fields that lack pastoral staff.

CGBC is grateful that Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston provides their Sunday sermons and Sunday school materials for our Internet broadcasting.


Do you know that there are more than ten million blind people in Asia? Although they cannot read, Our Gospel broadcasting programs can reach them. During an interview with a blind Sunday school teacher, our program coordinator in Hong Kong realized the significance of the tape ministry in spreading the Gospel among the vision impaired. In recent years, short-term missionaries often meet workers and scholars from China. They also use the Gospel tapes for follow-up and discipleship training.

HAVE you encountered vision-impaired friends or relatives? Have they ever heard Gospel Broadcasting? Regardless of their heritage, dialect, religion, or educational background, we can provide suitable programs to meet the needs of your families and friends. We need to proclaim the Gospel at all times. May we assist you in spreading the Good News? Do not miss this opportunity.

Please continue to pray for Gospel Broadcasting worldwide. May the Holy Spirit works in people's hearts and change their lives.


Dear CGBC,

We greatly appreciate your work with us in the Lord. Since we started broadcasting last December, the Family programs provided by you have been well received. We also received emails, encouragement and prayers worldwide. May God strengthen you and grant you wisdom to spread the Gospel to all nations.

Mrs. Lee
Bible Broadcasting Network
Chinese Department 02/2001




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