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Praise and Thanksgiving
An Ex-Muslim Wife's Moving Story

News From The Mission Fields

CGBC Newsletter (Chinese Version)
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Praise and Thanksgiving
  • Welcome to our new workers, Lily and Allen. They are joining others who come faithfully, according to their schedules, to participate in the encoding of sermons and teaching materials for the online communities.
  • We have received a special fund for the CD duplicator. Now we can distribute the "Light of Life" audio magazine and other e-books to the Blind.
  • God is faithful! Through the timely love gifts from two churches and also a brother, our staff workers can have full pay on May 15, 2003, after receiving just a small allowance for the two months of March and April.
  • Response and new subscribers to our online broadcast indicate a much greater need for more teaching programs. There's a growing hunger among God's people in countries where pastors and mature leaders are unavailable.
  • New radio programs need post-production assistants. Pray for Julia, Julie, May and Eileen who are working on the praying wife and praying mum programs.
  • All CGBC mission assignments to Asia have to be delayed due to SARS. Pray, Pray, Pray for Divine Intervention to put a stop to this horrible situation.
  • Protect those who are serving in those affected countries as they minister to others without fear. Let us hear this wake-up call from the Almighty!
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An Ex-Muslim Wife's Moving Story


Rounded Rectangle: Cinderella・s Tears
   Lyrics written by Deborah R. Struder

There was a time when I thought my father God had left me behind
And, all alone, I was given to the wicked stepmother・s world.
Desperately trying to make a family from my enemies,
And finding myself a slave to what had become of me,
I forgot where I came from.
I forgot whose name I wore.
I forgot who gave life to me.
I・d forgotten my very royalty!

Cinderella・s tears I・ve cried.
Cinderella・s fears I・ve felt before.
And I・ve known the pain of lost inheritance.
Your Father cries, yes, your Daddy weeps for the love you don・t see.

You believe for others but think he won・t do the same for you.
Desperately trying to win God・s approval and failing miserably,
Won・t you open His love letter and let Him open your eyes to see?
To see where you came from.
To see whose name you wear.
To see who gave life to you!
To remember your very royalty!


It was an eye-opening experience for me to attend a workshop about women married to Muslim husbands. A Muslim man's status is so much higher than a woman's that no sacrifice on the woman's part will ever gain her full rights in relation to that of a man. If a Muslim man touches a woman (even his wife) before praying, he is considered unclean for prayer. A Muslim man can have up to four wives at one time. Muhammed had many wives at one time, which even included a small girl. According to the Qur'an, a man has the right and responsibility to admonish his wife, to desert her sexually and to beat her in order to correct any rebelliousness in her behavior. What is obligatory upon the woman is that she seeks the pleasure of her husband, and avoids angering him. And does not refuse him whenever he wants her. It is said in the Muslim religion that a woman can only get to "Paradise" through her husband. So if he is not happy with her when she dies, she is believed to suffer in the pits of hell.

How ignorant I have been about the Islamic customs and culture, because we hardly have any friends who are married to Muslims. W. L. Cati was one of the Conference speakers who was brought up in a Christian home and even had a singing ministry. Yet, the pleasure of the world and the charm of a luxurious lifestyle had led her astray and she married a Muslim. She admitted that she had a sheltered Christian upbringing. When she fell in love with her ex-husband, she believed in him totally. He told me Allah meant 'God' in Arabic. He said that Muslims believe in Jesus, heaven, hell, the Ten Commandments, angels, the prophets and the Bible. It wasn't until much later that I found out the truth about just how different the two religions really are and the life-threatening mistake I had made. Moreover, Muslim men are taught that if they marry a Christian or Jewish woman. Allah, their god, will love them more because of the possibility of conversion!

From her book, Married To Muhammed,Cati admitted the reason whyshereturned to Jesus even though she had tried very hard to be a good Muslim wife and wore the veil of Islam for over two years. It was Jesus, whose life was so different from anyone else's on the face of this earth. It was His perfect life, His love for me and the whole world. It was how He gave up heaven, came to this world and died for us; it was how He took on our sins so that we could have a relationship with God!

From her powerful testimony, I realized the power of prayer. Her parents had prayed and waited nearly 15 years before Cati was restored to Christ. A group of ladies had been praying for her and even rented one of her houses for Bible study and prayed in her house for her family.

Now Cati has a burden to sound the alarm regarding the impact of Islam upon women. She has a ministry called Zennah Ministries. Islam has become a fast growing religion in the world. One fifth of the world's population believe in Allah. As Cati said, all Muslims need Jesus. Christian sisters must be warned of the dangers of dating and marrying Islamic men.

A special thanks from Eileen Liu to. W.L.Cati for giving CGBC permission to share her story.


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News From The Mission Fields
Report from Tak Tong Lee, ministering in France


"England, France, and Italy are the three European countries where you can find most Chinese settlers, because of their relative political and economic stability. Apart from students and professionals, the recent influx of illegal immigrants is first to UK, then France, and then Italy. Among these newcomers, most speak the Wenzhou dialect and they work in the restaurants or as labor workers. Going to France, a cultural center of Europe, are scholars and students from all parts of China. Settling in Europe, all Chinese face the same problems as follows:
  • Spiritual-Facing a new culture, learning a new language, and adjusting to a high living standard with a meager income, many have broken down emotionally, mentally and above all spiritually.
  • Moral-Facing the temptations from the European societies that openly accept homosexuality, nudity, and pornography, many have fallen into promiscuous and sexual sins, adultery and extra marital relationships.
  • Material-In a culture, especially in France, where the belief is that life is for pleasure, many fall under the pressure of working, fighting and gambling for a luxurious lifestyle and brand name possessions.
  • Religious-French people have a strong rejection towards the Christian faith. They feel that Protestants are as aggressive as the Americans. Cults and all forms of spiritual practices pose as attractive alternatives to Christianity.

prayer requests:

  • They may be able to hear the gospel truth.
  • More mature Christian leaders to stay in their midst.
  • They will be able to have Chinese radio broadcast, at least in major cities.
  • More Christian books, tapes and tools to reach them for Jesus.

you can help:

  • Donation of high-speed CD and cassette duplication machines.
  • Contact CGBC and be a carrier to bring gospel tracts and media tools.
  • Willing to volunteers for short-term missions, to visit restaurants and families in France.
  • Be a sponsor to finance the outreach efforts. (donation to CGBC-for Europe).

Global Mission

News from Asian cities

The horror created by SARS has affected even the Christian Sunday worship. Reports from Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been so distressing. There have been no worship services for the communities we know of in Shanghai for the month of May, because of SARS. They hope the situation will be better in June. Those with computers have turned to Online Broadcast-sermons and Sunday school materials are being downloaded. God's Word will not return in vain.

New York City

  • Do you know the aftermath of 911 is still disastrous? Many garment factories have closed down. Those that remain open, ironically, are crying for workers. Many of them cannot meet their orders, because workers are taking advantage of a government program which provides them with special benefits for attending training classes.
  • Businesses have been further affected by the fear of SARS in the recent weeks, as tourism in Chinatown has declined.
  • More volunteers are welcome to join the gospel tract distribution along Canal Street.
  • Local radio broadcast-we need a Pastor to record a systematic study of His Word for the morning half hour devotional programs. This can be heard via a.m. 1240 in the Five Boroughs of the city.
  • Committed volunteers and student interns are needed and welcomed to be trained this summer.


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