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.The 2002 Annual Street Evangelism Gala NYC
.Radio Gospel Broadcast
Internet Global Broadcast
.Cassette Mission Strategy
.Ministry Focus -- 2003
CGBC Newsletter (Chinese Version)
  • The economic recession has hit Dallas IT industries hard. The team of six sisters has been affected, so now there are only two. Please remember the four sisters' husbands in prayer - for jobs, family needs and health.
  • Andrina's recording assistant, Paul Nelson, and his studio could not continue their work because he lost the lease renewal. We thank God for brother Paul's faithfulness in helping the team since 1996. Please pray for new provisions.
  • Praise the Lord for Rev. Peter Teo and Denton Chinese Church for providing the 911 CD for broadcast use.




The 2002 Annual Street Evangelism Gala, held on September 22, 2002, in Roosevelt Park, NYC, was a joint event co-ordinated by the Short-term Ministry with Chinatown Chinese churches to reach the local community.

The CGBC booth was well attended by children who enjoyed a game prepared by Susan and Kwok-fai, giving us an opportunity to share the Gospel with the parents. The majority of the people in this neighbourhood come from Mainland China, speaking the Fuzhou dialect.

Praise the Lord for this wonderful event! The weather was unexpectedly dry and a big crowd of non-Christian families and children came to look at the many booths. Testimonies shared were translated to the Fuzhou dialect. We distributed over two thousand tracts and were able to talk to some bystanders about Jesus.

One mother told me that she sent her daughter to Sunday school, but she felt very uncomfortable attending Sunday service herself. She looked very haggard and tired. Many local families only send their children to church activities but don't participate themselves. Pray for Chinatown that His truth would set these people free.

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Radio Gospel Broadcast

In New York, we have broadcast radio programs five days a week since September 2002. The morning devotion program begins at 6:30 so drivers can listen on the way to work on a.m. 1240. The evening program is broadcast at 11:00 p.m., reaching workers coming home from restaurants and factories, and housewives at home with small children.

This year's CGBC Anniversary Celebration will be held on December 7, 2002 (the first Saturday in December. We plan to invite our radio listeners and also those from three other Chinese commercial local stations to come and join us. It will be our first attempt to reach out and have personal contact with our radio audience. Pray that many non-Christians will come. We need local church support too.


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Internet Global Broadcast


With the summer interns, we have reached another milestone in using the Internet for broadcast purposes. Live stream broadcast will be extended to 24 hours by the end of the year with Mandarin and Cantonese channels. We need many man-hours to encode the piles of programs we have produced and collected over the years.

From the counter we calculate around seven thousand hits per month for the past year. Many people have downloaded our discipleship training materials.

During the Pan America Conference 2000, we had reports from church leaders of several South and Central American countries that Chinese families are very much connected by the Internet. E-mail and websites are popular. In 2001, at one of the technical expositions in Hong Kong, we had a talk with a representative from China Telecom. He said that fifty percent of young people in the big cities are going online and more and more Chinese families are investing in home computers as an educational tool. Even the Central Government is using the Internet to speed up educational programs for rural towns and villages.

This summer, we heard an amazing true story about a remote and poverty stricken village in the north western part of China that has became an Internet Village Center. The Town and Talent project is employing the Internet and IT technologies in the development of western China. Thus even the interior of China will eventually be connected by the Internet superhighway.

Gospel broadcasting via the Internet is indeed the crossing the final frontier. The whole world will hear the Good News. Through long-distance learning and download of audio files, we can help to lessen the chronic lack of Christian discipleship training and long-term missionaries. With the development of Internet villages even in the remote part of China, we can see the great potential of Internet broadcast in the fulfilment of the Great Commission.

Cassette Mission Strategy


With the constant upgrading of modern communication technologies, we wonder if the cassette will one day be replaced by the superior quality CD. In the meantime for most overseas Chinese families, workers at sea and in factories, cassette players are still commonly used. In China, VCDs and DVDs are getting more and more popular. CGBC is now setting up a base in Hong Kong to look into the new demand for VCDs. We will explore ways to convert our programs for changing mission needs.

As more and more brothers and sisters are engaged in short-term mission, we continue to promote the idea of Christians becoming cassette missionaries. They can turn their holidays into a meaningful mission trips, visiting Chinese churches and factory workers in the Pacific islands or bringing training materials to the much needed mission fields in Eastern Europe, Africa and South American countries. Pray that God's love constrains us. May North American Christians be challenged to share their blessings and spiritual riches with the rest of the world.

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Ministry Focus---2003

Program production and post-production work for new radio programs to reach Chinese communities in cities. Special package for the blind ministry.

Expansion of the network to supply resources to mission fields where rapid growth continues without adequate leaders to nurture the new believers.

Development of the 24-hour non-stop broadcast on the Internet. Provision and supply of devotional and training materials for Christians - urgent need for encoding and updating audio files for web broadcast.

Sharing of our vision with churches and fund-raising for the mission.

Written by Eileen Liu, Executive Director of CGBC

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