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.A wake-up call--911
.New Program Release "Spiritual Awakening "
.Grace upon Grace is God's way
.Local outreach
.Telephone broadcast,
a special ministry
911 Spiritual Reflection Speaker: Dr. Wing Hung Lam
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Thanksgiving & Prayer

  • The production of our special audio series for radio (911 Spiritual Awakening Series), pray for health and wisdom for the Dallas editing team. The translation in Cantonese by the Canada CGBC team, and also the distribution of the CD version. Thank the Lord that the 911 Spiritual Awakening Series II has been done, and it will be broadcasted on October 22
  • The strengthening of New York executive committee with the joining of Wendy Chan and Dr. John Sung, keeping the prayer fellowship with the staff workers and also the continue recruitment of student interns and trainees.
  • Our missionary partners in South America and Asia, asking the Lord to protect their lives from attack from the enemy and also increase their productivities.
  • Supply our needs according to His way and His timing.

A wake-up call--911


"Oh, Daddy, the two Americans' front teeth are gone," exclaimed a nine year old when he looked at the TV screen shortly after the obliteration of the World Trade Center, the symbol of wealth and progress of this nation. September 11, 2001, will be a day for all Americans to remember! Our New York office was just 8 blocks south and two blocks west of the disaster scene. We felt the impact of the crisis emotionally. The pain and agony in our heart is indescribable. We saw it and were eyewitnesses to the horrible act of evil. Jeremiah 17:9 states, "Who can understand it?"

Amidst all the shock and grief, we also witnessed beautiful displays of love against the background of rubble that testifies to the worst in human beings. For weeks now, we have seen the fearlessness of the rescuers and togetherness of the people who come from all walks of life, all kinds of ethnic origins, and all parts of the nation. As buckets pass along orderly, as people hug each other in tears and prayers, as donations and supplies pour into the city, we cannot blindly deny the goodness in the human race. Yes, we are created in His image with kindness, mercy and compassion.

America is at war, as declared by our President. Prayer has become the rallying cry heard around the nation. The tragedy has drawn our knees before God to claim the victory over death and over evil. Our nation has put prayer back into the political scene and we had a Day of Prayer and Remembrance on September 14, as called by our President.

Our co-workers in New York were barred from going back to the office for 5 days after the calamity. We are thankful that many friends called from all over the world to ask about our safety. We thank God for our safety and the protection from material loses. Moreover, He also answered our prayers to respond to some of the rising issues-How do we see God in times of tragedy?

Andrina, our co-worker in Dallas, was able to mobilize and record two hours of special messages from her Pastor, Rev. Teo, dealing with the Christian approach towards tragedy: how to deal with anger; how to channel anger, retribution or revenge; facing the reality of human suffering; teaching our children in times like this. This series of talks, and also summaries of other messages from theologians and pastors, will be broadcast on air and also via our Internet broadcast in the days and months to come. Billy Pang in Toronto, Canada CGBC, will translate the series into Cantonese. By the end of this year, this series will be available for order in CD and cassettes. Early pre-orders are welcome because this will reduce our costs to the minimum.

During our first staff meeting after we could return to the New York office, we had a time of reflection and called upon the Lord to renew us in the midst of such a painful experience. Unanimously we felt that this was a wake-up call for all of us. "We cannot take life for granted. It is by grace that we are here today to serve this eternal King." "Our passion and sacrifice must be towards the right course and the truth of the Bible has to be made known to all man." "The rescue scene reminds us of the urgency of time to win those without Christ. Today is the day of salvation. Today is the chance to share Christ's love."

For the afflicted, we pray for God's love and comfort around them, and for all of us calling Him Abba Father, we pray for cleansing and for the revival of His church. We have to redeem the time and repent for our hope and trust in material prosperity. Only the Lord can provide security and confidence for the future. We confess that we are weak and fall short of His glory. We plead before Him for mercy for this nation, and blessings to the body of Christ.

As we turn to the Cross, we hear, "I know and I care!" Jesus has died for the sins of the world so that we may be reconciled to our Creator. Christ has conquered evil and death. In Him we have the answer.

We also pledge our allegiance to Him today, and we will wait upon Him for strength and wisdom. This ministry is grounded on the firm foundation of Christ Himself. This ministry is built upon the fervor of prayers. The ministry mission is to bring His Word to the masses that have not even heard the name of Jesus. We broadcast only Jesus and Him crucified! We need His mercy and grace to keep us Christ centered and Bible based in all the teachings and contents of our productions. We thank Him for still using the foolish, the weak, to accomplish His plan for humanity. To Him be the glory for now and throughout eternity.

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New Programs Release

How Do Christians View Tragedy in Life?

When tragedy of suffering strikes, many people are quick to blame God and some Christians are quick to give reasons. Dose God give reasons for Tragedy and suffering in lives?

911 Spiritual Awakening(CD)

Speaker: Rev. Peter Teo
Denton Chinese Church

For more information please contact us [email protected]

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Grace upon Grace is God's way

For the last two years, my job training as a CGBC worker ranged from recording, editing to being a prayer watcher. Praise the Lord for the experience to serve with other sisters, all housewives with school age children and have the blessing and support of our husbands to be involved in CGBC ministry. We have separate job descriptions and requirement to fulfill. The Lord has chosen Echo in 1996 to begin this group. Now she still involves as our prayer warriors and leads our fortnightly worship fellowship. We all reckon the importance of prayers. No prayers, no programming! Another important lesson I learnt is never put ministry before God. He should go before our service to Him!

This summer, our team leader from New York come for three days meetings, renewing our vision and burden for sharing the gospel with our countrymen worldwide through radio and Internet broadcast. She has rekindled our commitment to Jesus. Now we have Johan and Jenny working on the computer editing at home and Andrina recording radio programs in Paul Nelson's studio. Jackie is taking a break as she is very involved in the Church fellowship for this year. Nevertheless she is preparing scripts for her next year's term.

The day after the 911 tragedy, Andrina immediately responded to produce a new series with the help of her home church and their Pastor, Rev. Peter Teo. We have to rearrange our weekly radio programs. Thank God the new school term has started and we can have longer working hours while our children are in school. Andrina is the only one who had training in Broadcasting some twenty years' ago. Now she responded to His call with joy and thanksgiving. Truly we have seen God's faithfulness and provision in our midst. Last fall, we almost felt as if our group will disintegrate and the production team in Dallas would have come to a stand still.

- Vicky Chiang, Dallas TX

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Local Outreach

Our Annual September Street Evangelism Gala has turned into a prayer service due to the 911 tragedy. Together with all the local Chinese churches we have a time of witnessing in Chinatown on the Sunday we supposed to have our street fair. (September 15)

On September 22, Juanita and her team from midtown resumed their bi-weekly street evangelistic commitment. This time they passed out new tracts and a booklet relating to the tragedy. 1000 tracks were handed out with positive response with the first hour. We firmly believe that Jesus would touch those who truly seek Him.

The harvest is ripe indeed. We praise God for this center and earnestly ask for more workers to come to reopen the library. One morning in August I was called back to duty as Siofong was traveling to Washington DC and worked with Dwight and others, the Lord has given us another surprised assurance that He is still working today! When I opened the office door, I met a young mother coming to the dentist office next door. She was early for the appointment, so I invited her and the child into our library. I was able to share the gospel with her and she instantly expressed her willingness to accept Jesus. Praise Him! Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved! But without hearing the name of Jesus, how would they know how to call upon Him-so we must let the Holy Spirit continue to cleanse us and use us as His channel in this world today.
- Susan Lu,New York NY

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Telephone Broadcast, a Special Ministry

In Brisbane and Perth we began to install two new telephone lines with the terminals connected to two modified answering machines that allow outgoing machines to run beyond the normal three minutes. Each line is designated for either Cantonese or Mandarin programs selected from our CGBC catalog. Some of the programs have been edited for this special usage. This concept is simple and has been tried successfully in Sydney and Melbourne.

Connie, wife of Pastor Lam Im-wah is our faithful colleague. She changes the program everyday and also follow up on listeners/enquirers who ring in after listening to the tel-program. In Perth, Mr. Keith Cheng, a Salvation Army Captain helped us to install the phone lines in his home. By this means we can reach those who have no easy access to local Chinese radio or simply do not know how to tune in or turn to the Internet. Many who work in the restaurants and also live in the suburban areas have no problem to pick up the phone and dial a message if they can find nourishment to their souls. This is a potential outreach ministry if more Churches are willing to participate.

-Barnabas Chan, Sydney AU
Brisbane - Mandarin Line 61738711329
  Cantonese Line 61738711328
Perth - Mandarin Line 61893315084
  Cantonese Line 61893315086

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