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.Reflection,Vision and Renewal
.Fond Momeries of Herbert

Chrsitmas Special (audio)

CGBC Newsletter (Chinese Version)



Thanksgiving and Prayer

  • With sister June Chan's help, we are starting to reorganize our cassette library. Pray that this place will lead more people to our Lord. People thrill to know more about God, especially after the 911 event. We pray for one more tract distribution team to give out tracts and on Saturday.
  • We thank the Lord for Jasmine, who has worked with us for about three years. She decided to leave us this November to stay with her family in California. May God bless her and guard her footsteps. Praise the Lord that Wendy Chan, Wai-Ling Chiang and John Sung are taking care of the administrative work. We need volunteers/co-workers/interns to help us in both the Web design and Web broadcasting areas. We also pray for an audio engineer who has some background in Internet broadcasting. Contact: [email protected]
  • Co-workers of Greater Washington and New York will attend the CM2001 Convention this December. Pray that God will lead more early-retired professionals to join mission teams serving in Asia.
  • Pray for strength and commitment for Dallas team.
  • Thank the Lord who has led us to step further into the Internet Broadcast ministry. We plan to renovate our studio and upgrade our system. We pray for $500,000 for this project.

Reflection, Vision and Renewal



God repeatedly directs His people to remember, to think back over past history and to commemorate His "mighty acts." Every year we set aside a time for this kind of reflection. We remember our past thankfully, examine ourselves honestly and commit our lives fully to the vision of serving our God and His people. This is the purpose for our anniversary celebration every year, which takes place on the first Saturday of December. This year, we will remember and celebrate what the Lord has done on December 1.

2001 will always be a monumental year for CGBC. One of our ex-student intern's father, also a one time volunteer, passed away in February three months after being diagnosed with liver cancer. In May, our Board director Rev. David Chan had a glorious memorial service for his wife. And Hector, our president, said goodbye to his 75 years old mother who had cooked for the speakers, workers and volunteers while the ministry was in their Long Island home basement. Then in October, we missed our dear brother Herbert, a Board member, who died of cancer. With tears and fond memories of all these loved ones, we REJOICE in the fact that we will meet at Jesus feet. They are just like the cloud of witnesses, reminding us to be faithful to the very end.

The tragedy of 911 also changed many of our lives. It affected our student interns as three of their friends died in the terrorist attack. The cloud of dust and soot, the rescue and dump trucks continue to remind us that without warning, thousands of people were instantly cremated. How many will perish in eternity? How many are now in His presence? With the uniformed national guards and tanks stationed outside our office building since September 11, we are reminded that America is at war. We too are engaged in war, a spiritual warfare!

Before 911, we were not sure if we should relocate our Headquarters in New York City to another place: we have a production team in Dallas, this year we moved our distribution and mailing department to Washington DC, and the living cost is relatively high in New York City. Yet the staff and Board members continue to hold onto God's faithfulness and instruction, with the determination that unless the Lord says so, we will not move away from Lower Manhattan.

The tragedy in September has reminded us of the strategic location in which we are situated and the great city we are in. Ten years ago this month, November 1991, CGBC signed a seven year lease with a Christian businessman to use his two units. It was a dream to us to be up on the top floor looking over the western and northwest skyline of New York City, while being so close to the Chinatown community. We moved out from our Long Island basement operation in 1992 and opened our audio library in 1993 in New York City. It was a miracle very much like what God did for the Israelites. God dried up the Jordan River for His people to enter the Promised Land. In 1994, we assumed the $400,000 mortgage from our landlord at a discounted price and now own these units permanently.

It also has become real to our hearts that this city is great as a training ground for Christians who are involved in cross-cultural ministry and for young people who use the latest technology for evangelism and discipleship. Lower Manhattan, also known as the Silicon Alley, is the hub of the modern communications network.

Operating from New York City, We have a Broadcast station that can potentially reach all Chinese families around the globe via Internet. Since November 2000, people can hear our programs online via and also we supply programs for Today via China Radio Network, we have also the gospel message broadcast into homes and workplaces, such as factories and restaurants, in New York City. (This has been expanded to more places like New Jersey and Dallas.) Gospel Broadcast whether via radio, cassette, telephone and Internet cannot work in a vacuum. We know full well that without a team of dedicated people under the sovereign rule of the Holy Spirit, to apply His Word in real life and to work with His body, the local churches, we have no substance and content for the broadcast media.

In God we trust, on ground zero we stay, by His grace we dare to expand and move on with a renewed vision to make Him known--all for His glory. Great is our God and greatly to be praised! The hustle and bustle of the streets below our office constantly reminds us that still millions have not heard the gospel and that God so loved the WORLD!

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Fond Memories Of Herbert

I served with Herbert on the same board since the end of the 80's. In the past twelve or thirteen years, we only met few times each year for the purpose of discussing and praying for the CGBC ministry. Yet, during the brief time that we spent together, Herbert left an indelible impression on me.

First of all, Herbert took care of those of us who are called into the ministry in a very practical way. He always made sure that we had something to eat, either by paying out of his own pocket for take outs or by bringing us to a restaurant.

Last few year, when students who came from South China volunteered to help with developing CGBC's Internet ministry, he made sure that they all had the appropriate computers and software to do their job. Having to spend too much time in other board meetings haggling over equipment for ministry, it was a real joy to work with a board member with such an open mind and generous heart.

Secondly, Herbert was always calm, cool, and collected. No manner how stressful the situation or how anxious the moment due to the ongoing shortage of funding, I don't remember him ever worrying openly. He always listened intently and spoke softly. He did not talk a lot probably because he wanted to save his energy so that he could do a lot. He served and gave behind the scene, always rendering his service onto the Lord and not for people to see or to hear.

Thirdly, Herbert understood how God uses everybody and everything to accomplish His plan. Therefore, he did not ask too many questions nor did he need to know all the answers. Despite hardships and setbacks, Herbert continued to support new ideas and to push the development to explore new methods of delivering the Gospel of Christ. He played his part faithfully and never failed to encourage others to play their parts faithfully as well. He understood what Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 3:5-7, "What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe--as the Lord has assigned to each his task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow." Herbert respected by faith the role that God had called others to play in the larger scheme of God's plan. No human strength, gift, fault or weakness distracted him from focusing on God as the one who ultimately causes ministry to grow.

I thank God for the opportunity to have served with Herbert. We at CBGC will miss him. But we are sure that he is helping the Lord behind the scenes in preparing the meal in heaven, so that when we see him again, he will say to us: "Have you eaten yet? Here is something I got for you."

Rev. Bayer Jack-Wah Lee


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