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June 2001


   Our family was officially sent off to become missionaries working with CGBC. Our basement has become the CGBC cassette tape duplicating office. God has also prepared for us some faithful volunteers. Two of them come to help nearly every weekend. It is by God's grace that we, as a couple, serve him in one heart. When I think of such tremendous grace of our Lord, I can't help thanking him with tearful eyes. I am more than willing to "offer our bodies as living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God - this is our spiritual act of worship." ~Romans 12:1 

   Looking back four years ago, my main concerns in life were graduate degrees, careers, money and relationships with people. Later I realized that a Christian should not be like non-believers, but have hope and trust in God. The Holy Spirit then revealed God's plan to me and told me to live with Him. Immediately my soul was awakened and I was filled with joy. I had been born again for more than ten years and I never waited for God's will, but walked my own way. I asked God to forgive me and from that moment on, I was a new person that was willing to give up the pursuit of a highest graduate degree. "What should I do in the future to be pleasing to you, my Lord?" I asked. 

   In these three years God has used different people and incidents to train me to change my character so that I can accept others and be obedient to God. In this way I can serve more people in more different ways. I can take the initiative to care for others and share with them the cassette tapes that have helped me. I hope I can share with my brothers and sisters a variety of tapes proclaiming God's will so that they can receive teachings from God in different areas. 

    Last winter, a staff member from CGBC shared with us about her mission working with CGBC in our church. I was touched by her message. After the meeting I read about the work of CGBC. There seemed to be a response rippling in my heart. This feeling stayed for quite some time. The next morning before she left for New York, I had the urge to have fellowship with her. Amazingly, we talked about what had been in my heart, or what I had experienced. When I was home I prayed and asked God if He wanted me to be involved in this mission. I pleaded with Him to give me a verse to confirm my thought. In my devotion the next morning God showed me clearly in II Timothy 1:9-14 that "He has saved us and called us to a holy life - not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace…" Since God had called me, I asked God to call my husband and two daughters so that we can serve Him as a family. Soon the Holy Spirit moved my husband, Dwight Yen, to initiate our whole family to take part in the celebration of CGBC's 20th anniversary. Later in our family devotions, he led us in praying for accepting this broadcasting mission. Then he started tidying our library and buying desks and chairs and our two daughters were happily talking about the fun of being volunteers. I wondered about the Holy Spirit's plan and guidance in this matter and thank Him in leading us to devote ourselves in this mission. We appreciate one of the elders in our church, Mr. Leung and his wife, who supported us and prayed for us. 

Hsiao-liang, Greater Washington



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