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June 2001


Local Ministry

We celebrated last Christmas in a garment factory on 8th Ave. with Gilead Fellowship. April 17 this year we were together again cele-brating Easter in the same garment factory. Although there were only about seven or eight workers at the meeting we did not change our plans. We preached to them the good news about Jesus rising from death. The workers reacted well. We remember the Bible saying in Ecclesiastes 11:6, "Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let not your hands be idle." We should evangelize whatever the situation is.

Recently factory workers have been moving from one factory to another because of recession and the low business season. Many of our factory friends have left us and new faces filled their places. We had five new believers before, but now only one is left and this has made follow-up work very challenging. Besides, this factory closed down in May. We have no clue if we can continue with our English classes. We can only pray that God will open doors to our Gospel friends, and that the new believers will find nourishing churches. 

It is by God's grace that we had a chance to know the boss of a garment factory. Since May 9 we have started broadcasting gospel cassette tapes in this factory. Pray for the preparation of our programs. 

Since the expansion of our tape-duplicating department to the Greater Washington area, our orders have unexpectedly increased and this situation has made us very busy. Because of the need of the New York office area we plan to open our library again on Saturdays, and the service of loaning cassette tapes. We hope God will provide us with more volunteers.

Every Mid-Autumn Festival we join a gospel street gala in Roosevelt Park and this year more than ten churches in China-town are going to take part in these activities. Don't miss this chance of spreading the Good News. Pray for the planning and preparation of this event.

Susan Lu, New York 

New Programs Release

"The wise in heart are called discerning, and pleasant words promote instruction."~ Proverbs 16:21

We face different kinds of problems in our daily life; such as working overtime without prior notice, the failure of co-workers to comply by deadlines, your friend's complaint of her family problem and your children's hot temper etc. What are the solutions for these problems?

In our two new programs: "Sister Su's Mail Box" and "Time with Teacher Lee" we can find solutions to our social and emotional problems based on the principles of the Bible. These two new programs started their radio broadcasting on May 14. Cassette tapes of these programs will be available in July. For more information please call us at 212-925-6229, or fax us at 212-925-2690. We can also be reached by E-mail: [email protected]

Thanksgiving & Prayer

    1. Thank God for giving CGBC Canada a new office in Scarborough, Canada. The new office has been in operation since June 1. Pray that God will use this new office for the benefit of churches and brothers and sisters. May God prepare more volunteers for this ministry.
    2. Pray for the duplication office in Greater Washington. It has provided many brothers and sisters with the principles and teachings from the Bible. The Yen family and volunteers especially need your prayers.
    3. Thank God that Dr. Su and Professor Lee are making new programs entitled 'Sister Su's Mail Box' and 'Time with Teacher Lee'. These programs have started since mid-May. On July 16, these programs will be accessible on the Internet at Listeners are welcome to write to discuss their children's education problems and their mood swings with us at fax # 212-925-6229 or E-mail address [email protected] Please pray for Dr. SU and Professor Lee and that God will use these programs to help listeners.
    4. Radio broadcast in Dallas include two Programs from Rev. Lee, "Hymns Appreciation" by sisters in Dallas, 'Sister Su's Mail Box' and 'Time with Teacher Lee'.
    5. This Summer Cody and Kwon-fai will continue converting recorded programs to digital files and organize the E-Sermon web page. Alan and Stephanie will continue managing the computer system and organize the web page. Thanks to God for leading these students to work as interns with CGBC, helping to expedite our web development.



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