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  24 Annual Report
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Message from Director
Counting Blessings, Looking Ahead

The Joy of Serving

週年特刊 (Chinese Version)
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Message from Director

2003 is an eventful year indeed. Not only have we lived through the SARS epidemic, the Iraq war and the blackout, but we have also experienced sorrow and pain from the CGBC family. Several prayer partners have had cancer and ill health. Among the deceased, due to a fatal car accident in Monticello on July 17 was our dear sister Diane Gong and her husband. Diane was with the team of engineers in 1991 helping to design the CGBC office and studio in Chinatown, New York. She had also committed over a year to be the English editor of our newsletter. Our hearts go out to Dewey, her brother, and her father Mr. Gong. Only God Himself can bring comfort to His children.

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you,"
~Ps. 32:8

2004 marks the 25th year since we responded to God's call at the First European Chinese Churches' joint conference in Holland. God's faithfulness is what we can testify to.

He instructed us to leave London and go to Long Island in 1981. From a studio in our basement, He taught us to record Christian programs in different dialects with the help of His servants. They include Pastor Wilson Wang (Fuzhou dialect), Rev. Yim-sun Chen (Taishanese), Dr. Dorothy Yang (Shanghainese), Rev. Moses Yu (Mandarin), Rev. Wing So (Cantonese), Rev. G. Tsang (Chaozhou), Rev. H. L. Choi (Hakka), Rev. T. S. Chuang (Taiwanese), Dr. William Ho and Dr. Su (in 3 dialects) and other servants of God...too many to list all. How could we foresee then the changes in world events and the migration of people from Mainland China to all parts of the world throughout the following two decades?

The Lord is our counsel! In 1990, a prayer partner from California called us with conviction from the Lord that we should prepare to serve the Mainland Chinese and focus on Mandarin programs. At first, we thought of reaching the Mainland scholars outside of China. Then in 1996, China Radio Network asked us to produce Mandarin programs for broadcast in New York, Dallas and LA. In 1998, we started to use the Internet as a broadcast medium. The impact of the worldwide web is unprecedented. Even in the remote and impoverished mountain villages bordering the desolate Gobi desert, the impossible dream of an Internet Village Center has come into being this year.

He has watched over us! In 1991, as if crossing the river Jordan into the Promised Land, we were led tobuild our studio in Chinatown, New York. The influx of legal and illegal immigrants from Mainland China has transformed Chinatown within the last two decades. It is the city that we should be in! Soon, 80% of the world's population will be in mega cities around the world. CGBC is here for a purpose: to hear the pulse of a world-class city, to feel the breath of a global community and to follow in His footsteps to care for the poor and the oppressed.

God's faithfulness surpasses all understanding. The socioeconomic dynamics of the city have changed tremendously over the recent years and our local ministries have been given new challenges. After doing outreach work in Chinatown garment factories for the past two decades, many of them have now closed, some moved to Brooklyn. However, we have made new contacts with mission teams ministering to female factory workers in the Pacific Islands. In addition, many former garment workers are now home care attendants, along with many new immigrants who have medical background. There is presently an open door for us to reach the elderly and their home care attendants in housing projects close to Chinatown.

Praise and Thanksgiving! While diversified backgrounds and dialects may present obstacles in sharing the gospel and teaching new believers, we know the utilization of dialect tapes have helped us in these efforts. God willing, we will start workshops for those who like to be people helpers and cassette missionaries in this city. We have a full library of audiotapes in different Chinese dialects that cater to different age groups, educational and spiritual levels. People have commented that we are running a spiritual pharmacy: Praise the Lord!

Since September,2003 we have also launched the Cantonese broadcast, alongside the 24 hour Mandarin one, to reach a broader audience. We have more and more newcomers using the online e-Sunday school. However, as Rome was not built in a day, our online system and resource library is a long-term project. It serves as a spiritual oasis in the cyber desert. We pray for continued contributions from local churches to enrich our Sunday sermon broadcast. The Lord has given us good teachers in Biblical counseling, Sunday school lessons, and committed workers to work on programs concerning family and women.

"Please come over to help us." He has led us to hear the Macedonian call and has given me journey mercy as I travel from city to city. It is our desire to return to Europe and bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the scattered Chinese communities. What a good way for us to express our thanks to the Lord and to celebrate our 25th anniversary! Let us continue to seek Him and be faithful to His instructions! Many heartfelt thanks to all whose financial support, encouragement and unfailing intercession have made our mission possible. We serve a great Master who loves to bless us!

Written by Eileen Liu, Executive Director of CGBC

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Counting Blessings, Looking Ahead


"Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done. The things you planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare," ~ Ps. 40:5

Over twelve years ago, two architect brothers came to me with the burden to help CGBC relocate to New York City. It was an unbelievable dream. Ten of us, including Board members and long-time volunteers, were concerned about the costs, the commute time and safety. Yet, it was His will for us to enter Lower Manhattan in 1991.

It was the day when Billy Graham was in Central Park. I remembered parking my car next to a building with a double basement. That basement had 3000 sq. ft. for $1500 in rent per month. I knelt down and looked into the space below ground with tears and cried out in my heart: "Lord, how can it be? All things belong to you, for thy Glory and thy name's sake. Please spare me from working in this dirty basement!" Then came someone who recognized me and asked, "Why are you here?" "CGBC needs to relocate to the city and this is the space someone recommended." "Would you like to look at a commercial condo near Chinatown?" "Of course! How much per month?" "It costs me $5000 per month and I will let CGBC use it for $2500."



Immediately I called the architects, audio, video and acoustic engineers to look at the office space on the top floor of a commercial building. It was a prime location in Chinatown with ten big windows! "If it rains on Wednesday, I can work in the office on Thursday. I'll come after 5p.m." two key engineers replied over the phone. "If Elijah could ask for rain, why can't Eileen on behalf of CGBC?" Then came the rain! A phone call on Wednesday night "Can I come as a volunteer? I am Diane Gong, my brother has been one of your student interns. I used to be an interior designer for office buildings." "Perfect!" A team of seven started to inspect the condo, make plans and apply for construction permits in October 1991. The Lord provided all we needed. CGBC began operating in New York City in February 1992.

In August 1994, our landlord changed the ownership of our rental space in Chinatown to CGBC. We assumed his two mortgages totaling $420,000 at a high interest rate. In 1996, a brother arranged a loan to help us reduce the interest rate for one of the mortgages. By the end of last year, our mortgage and loan had already come down to $250,000. Seven years have gone by and we urgently need to meet our promise to repay the loan by the end of this year.

"Lord, we have waited patiently for your provision. We still trust in your timely surprises! You still work miracles today. Deliver us from the snare of the Enemy, we pray!"

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The Joy of Serving


Andrina, co-worker in Dallas


"Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him and he will do this," ~Ps. 37:3-5.

These verses summarize to some extent my 45 years' life experience, receiving the blessing of joy and peace that surpasses all understanding when I trust and commit my ways to Him.

Two and a half years ago, with a clear conviction, I began to take part in CGBC's program production. Each step of the process-script writing, recording, editing and mixing, I have experienced instruction and help from above. God is faithful, will take care of His own and will not tarry to bless. What a privilege to be a chosen one, to experience His presence in our daily walk. It is Grace that we sinners can be saved and be His co-workers.

To serve the Lord is not to do something for God. It is through serving Him that we get to know Him deeper and deeper, love Him more and more, and also have a greater compassion for those whom He loved and died. We also learn to discern His will and fulfill His desires. As the Hymn "He is the potter, we are the clay" reminds us, let our hearts be as soft as clay and let our Master mould and make us into a vessel of His choice.

"We know all things work together for the good of those who love Him," ~Romans 8:28. We cannot understand God's design for our lives for we are finite and shortsighted. Therefore, it is by faith that we follow Him one step at a time. For me, when I reentered the ministry of gospel broadcast, I had never dreamt that this would be! I had been a full-time mother, a homemaker, serving the Lord in our local church. I had not worked as a "pro" since my graduation from journalism. I had only worked one year in an internship in a Christian broadcasting organization some twenty years ago. "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty," ~Zech. 4:6. "Make me a blessing, Lord," I prayed. "I need your help to strengthen my walk with you and to serve in the broadcast ministry. Once again, I commit my husband and family to you. May my time with CGBC be blessed with a good testimony. Thank you Lord for choosing us to share your eternal plan of salvation. Thank you Lord for using such means to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth, to places where we cannot go, and, through the mighty power of thy Spirit, calling others to Yourself!"

Andrina's thanksgiving stands for all of us at CGBC. We echo her joy in serving the Lord of Lords! Our time with her in the studio this summer was so full of joy and fun too!


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