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  • For the day of the 23 Anniversary celebration on December 7. Many programs were taken and we had four guests who heard about Christian mission and Jesus for the first time. There were callers who responded to the radio station's special program and asked for dialect tapes.
  • For the several thousand tapes distributed through Maryland and also special orders sent to Asia, and recently to the Pacific Islands requested by missionaries for their outreach to the contract labor workers there.
  • For the messages and orders through the CGBC websites that brothers and sisters are listening regularly online and also asking for programs for their relatives in Taiwan, Singapore and even Brazil.
  • For the great fellowship and positive response from Chinese and Canadian churches in Vancouver as Eileen spent her time there from December 9 to 23. An initial team of five couples is now committed to pray and also work on a new production series serving those who recently immigrated to North America from Mainland China. We aim at a special audience and also the one child Chinese families with their unique problems.
  • For the reorganization of the library in New York Chinatown; preparation for the cassette library sent to missionaries; and this year's community outreach.
  • For the radio team-need more workers to help in encoding and post-production, especially for the Dallas team, as the sisters have to go back to work due to the economic depression.
  • For the repayment of a loan ($230,000) to brothers and sisters who helped us to refinance our present office units that we acquired in 1994.


  January 14, 2003

Dear Friends of CGBC,

Happy New Year! February 1st is the Chinese New Year. It is the year of the sheep. Immediately we can think of a lot of Sunday school stories about sheep. It's good to begin this year with our focus on Jesus and His mission for us.

The lost sheep-Jesus saves. All of us, like sheep, have gone astray, and each of us has turned to his own way (Isaiah 53:6). It is Jesus we proclaim as the only savior of the world, and He alone can deliver us from our extremities. The only security we can hold onto is living in the will of the Lord.

The perplexed flock-Jesus guides. (God) justifies those who have faith in Jesus (Roman 3:23). Today many popular teachings that people love to hear are missing the mark. Many are misled by false teachings. We may also be lost due to a lack of spiritual discernment, unless our eyes are constantly fixing upon Jesus, the only shepherd who can guide us. (John 10:3-4)

The scattered herd-Jesus cares. They were like sheep without a shepherd (Mark 6:34). Wherever we go today, we will see Chinese food and Chinese workers, Chinese kids and their elderly grannies. The migration of our people in recent years is indeed phenomenal. This gives rise to many mission opportunities. Everywhere we turn, we can hear the cry for pastors and spiritual mentors. Reaching them with the gospel and discipleship training materials is our urgent task. Thank God that we can ask for wisdom. (James 1:5).

The obedient ones-Jesus calls. My sheep listen to my voice (John 10:27-28). Only in stillness and submission, and by His grace we can hear clearly and obey joyfully. "I have other sheep, too. I must bring them also." (John 10:16) CGBC is composed of a special group called by God, chosen for a specific mission, living at a significant moment in the Christian church history of the Chinese people. By using modern communication technologies, we are to bring others to the presence of the Lord and hear His Word. " I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one will snatch them away from me."(John 10:28) What a promise!

Praise the Lord for His gift to us-" for He did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline." (II Timothy 1:6-7) We counted our blessings at our staff retreat during the last weekend of 2002. With His cleansing and assurance, we commenced 2003 by putting ourselves in His hand. We trust that our great Shepherd will be with us and also with co-works in Toronto, Dallas, Maryland and other cities as well. The Holy Spirit will guide and lead every program production, will bless the users and listeners as well as those who intercede for us faithfully and support us financially.

With Christ, we shall not want. May His blessing be with you throughout the New Year!

  In Him,
Eileen Liu
Executive Director

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