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.We,ve Only Just Begun
.Local Ministry News Update
.Requests frome Far Away Cities
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CGBC Newsletter (Chinese Version)
  • Many true and dynamic, powerful testimonies have been recorded this year from different parts of the world. Pray for the editing team to finish the post-production process.
  • Two sisters from New Jersey are willing to come for training as broadcasters.
  • Teacher Lee Tai-ying shall continue her series for radio time. Praise the Lord for the requests of her programs, even from as far as Central America and China. Many have ordered online since they check the Internet for our daily broadcast.
  • Thanks for the faithfulness of Joseph and his team to support our weekly e-sermons and Sunday school lessons. We have seen a popular demand for such material for downloading in countries where there is an absence of qualified teachers or local pastors to lead the congregation.
  • Visit maintained and updated by our brother Billy Pang of CGBC Canada. Enjoy his insightful sharing as a treat to enrich your daily walk with the Lord.
  • Praise for the faithfulness and commitment of Sam and Barnabas in Sydney as they strive to meet deadlines for their local radio and telephone broadcast. Thank the Lord for the Sydney CGBC Board members and their regular prayer fellowship to uphold us.
  • CGBC provides students with professional internship opportunities and practical training for cross-cultural mission. Located in Lower Manhattan and within Chinatown, one can meet with Chinese people speaking all kinds of local dialects. We continue to provide learning opportunities for those who want to engage in media missions and urban outreach, especially to blue-collar workers. Many have come and moved onto further theological studies and missionary training. Many have had their mission calls confirmed after the internship. We cannot reward you materially though we can assure you of the presence of the Lord and His amazing surprises!

We've Only Just Begun
Eileen Liu


Through a combination of events, God led me on the road for two years (March 2000 to April 2002) living part of the time in another world-class mega-city, Shanghai. Through the journey, I have come to a deeper relationship with Him and a better understanding of what He is doing around the world

While visiting cities in Asia, the same strong feeling overwhelmed me as if I was going to work in Chinatown, New York: the hustle and bustle of the traffic, the many people crossing the streets, the empty looks on their faces. I used to keep wondering-Do they know where they are going in eternity? How would Jesus feel if He was with me in person? What would the substance of our conversation be as we walked among the crowds? The same, sure message would ring in my mind and bring tears to my heart. "They are like sheep without a shepherd. He has compassion on them and thus calls for workers to gather the harvest."

"Do you love me more than these? Bring my Word to them that they might be satisfied. By all means that you may reach some and show them the way they should go." With so much idolatry and cultic teachings, it is hard to blind our eyes to the mission of discipleship training.

To be a disciple of Jesus is an unending process. A believer is to be baptized and taught to observe all that Christ has commanded (Matt 28:18-19). Conforming to the image of Christ is a lifelong process (Phil 1:6). People need teachers, pastors and mentors leaders to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus. But in so many places, nobody is around to help and guide.

By the grace of God, we have not run away from the Heavenly vision. Whether in producing programs for cassette tapes, then for broadcast via radio, Internet, and telephone, or whether engaging in local outreach or global mission, basically He has called us to be faithful. It is all about stewardship-how to present the message of His sovereignty, His love and His salvation to those immediately around us and to the billions around the world.

As overseas students in the 70's, we began to serve in Bible study fellowships in England, and tried to reach local Chinese families working in food businesses. How best to communicate the relevance of the Word of God became the issue and our struggle. Not only could we not speak their dialect, but they also distanced themselves from us because we were English-speaking and from professional backgrounds. Such social and cultural barriers barred us from effective and meaningful communication.

It is after God's heart to convey His love and salvation to others in an effective way that they can understand and apply the Good News within their own context. This need has driven our co-workers to engage in urban and blue-collar outreach.

J.I. Packer in his book Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God states, "While we must always remember that it is our responsibility to proclaim salvation, we must never forget that it is God who saves." We cannot do anything without the guidance and working of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has kept our spiritual vision in focus.

In addition, as Dr. Engel in Contemporary Christian Communication points out, "The message must be adapted to the audience members without. Adapting the message does not mean changing the message as it is affirmed in the scripture." It is the search for a combination of truth and relevance that has kept us humble and has driven us to search for Bible scholars and teachers as our program speakers and editors. All programs need to be adapted and checked for their Biblical accuracy.

While the primary emphasis and role of CGBC is placed on producing communication tools for evangelism and discipleship training, the real contact is people. It is His people who go out to the world to touch lives. It is the transforming power of the Holy Spirit that brings about new lives. Therefore, for us, interceding for churches and world missions has its priority. We are working together in one mission under the leadership and lordship of Jesus Christ (Matt 28:18-20).

CGBC covets the continual support of churches to provide student interns and short or long-term workers, to financially sponsor our projects, and to pray on our behalf for God's protection and guidance. In turn we seek to learn from you and your needs.

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Local Ministry News Update

New York Chinatown Outreach --

The after math of 911 is not "out of sight, out of mind" for CGBC co-workers. Our center is located at the northeastern corner of Ground Zero. According to the Interim Report Chinatown after September 11th, an Economic Impact Study by the Asian America Federation of New York, the 911 tragedy has gravely devastated the Chinatown economy. Many garment factories have been forced to close or relocate. Most dislocated workers are not English-proficient and lack suitable skills for employment outside of Chinatown. Many have lost loved ones and still seek comfort and answers to human suffering.

Last year the annual Chinatown Street Evangelistic gala was cancelled because of 911. Please pray for this September event. The joint planning committee has already started to organize. Please pray for the pastors and local church workers and our staff Susan Lu in the preparation of this annual collective witnessing to the communities in this city.

Tape Library Service --

To complement our local radio and gospel outreach effort, we offer this service for radio listeners and local church communities. We need to replace many missing copies and update the inventory. Training will be provided for those with a committed heart to Christ and a desire to learn new skills, meet new people and face the challenge of sharing their faith.

Radio & Internet Broadcast --

Praise the Lord for the Dallas sisters who have managed to prepare the programs before their summer break. Ask the Lordto bless their time with their children, and for refreshed spirits and good health when they resume their duty in September. Also, local gospel broadcast in New York and Dallas can be heard online via

Garment Factory Outreach --

Susan Lu is still responsible for following-up on contacts and new believers in Brooklyn. Though the factory we used to visit was closed down, many are still listening to the tapes that Susan brings to them regularly. Factory broadcast in the Chinatown factory was put on hold due to relocation. Another Christian sister is also playing the role of a cassette missionary among factory workers in Brooklyn. We have a request for help since those who need the tapes cannot afford to support the production and duplication costs. Many people want to keep the tapes even though we offer a free library service. We are asking for special donations so that we can distribute the tapes freely for our local outreach and the upcoming gala. A fund will be reserved for just this purpose.

Canal Street Tract Distribution --

Please pray for sister Juanita Butt and her team. Shortly after 911, they found people very receptive to the gospel and willingly received the tracts. Now more and more contemptuous rejection is received as they share about Jesus on the street. We thank God for the persistence and perseverance of these faithful workers who count it an honor to be His ambassadors. God hears our every cry for the city. Do contact us if you want to join us in the bi-weekly Saturday prayer and tract distribution fellowship.

Audio Tape Magazine --

To our disappointment, the response of sponsorship and subscription is so poor that we cannot launch the monthly "Light of Life" audio magazine this Spring 2002. Please pray for this quarter appeal. We need to send the masters to the mission field for the blind by the end of the summer. We ask for sufficient financial support.

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Requests from Far Away Cities

"I was sent to work in this city by my company in America. Thank God for the laptop and Internet. Loneliness due to being miles away from home and the monotonous working environment almost drove me crazy. Your daily online program and rich collection of materials have been a blessing to me. Keep up your hard work for the sake of million lonely brethrens living alone without Christian fellowship and spiritual support."


"We have started a small Bible study fellowship in this city. The Lord has blessed us to grow in size, but we encounter more and more issues that we were unable to handle. Thank God for your program "Teacher Lee's Hour". Several of us are going through what she taught and want to be an effective people helper. Can we order the whole set of the programs? These principles on biblical counseling are worth in-depth study."


"I have come across some cultic teaching in my fellowship. We have no one to turn to. Thank God for coming across your website and learn so much on discernment. We need more teaching of the Bible and inspirational music."

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"Healing in this life is not the resolution of our past, it is the use of our past to draw us into deeper relationship with God and His purposes for our lives" (The Healing Path by Dan B. Allender). Recently we received a testimony from sister Maria Cheung. She came to New York from Costa Rica in 1993. She volunteered a year's time at CGBC before she returned to active service in her local church. A sudden physical condition struck her last year and she was paralyzed for almost a year. Her testimony is touching; she considers the path of suffering as a sacred journey to knowing Jesus. If you desire to receive the English translated copy of her letter, please call or e-mail us at [email protected]

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